Fast turnaround ensuring the client avoids penalties from previous lender

We were approached by a knowledgeable broker with a case for an experienced commercial property owner who had an existing bridge with another lender on a site whereby planning permission to convert to residential was being sought.

Due to the timescales of the planning process the existing bridge had come to the end of its term and in order to avoid default interest the client required a re-bridge.

The site which is currently mixed-use consisting of retail, storage units and offices currently provides an income to the client with a good yield. The clients’ intention to convert to residential will increase the value of the site, and income potential.

SDKA reviewed the case and visited the client at the site to ensure a speedy resolution to any queries. Our ability to be flexible as the deal progressed ensured the completion and prevented the client from any penalties with the other lender. We provided a 12 month facility to enable the client to secure planning permission.

Huw Oddy (Broker) Bumblebee Mortgages comments;

“The team at SDKA provide an honest and efficient service, which gives me trust that they can deliver. I was able to talk to all members of the team when required which is a breath of fresh air.

SDKA and I have a great broker/ lender relationship which is a priority when placing a deal.”