Kunal Mehta
Kunal MehtaManaging Director
Kunal has a passion for service and delivery that developed from his previous career as a commercial airline pilot.

With a personal interest in property investment and development, Kunal founded SDKA in 2016, which has since gone from strength to strength. He drives the team to assist clients to support their business growth.

“SDKA give everybody a fair chance, if we sense business acumen we support the venture, we are not blinkered by a lack of experience.

It is incredibly rewarding to know that our team add value to what our clients are doing, assisting them in growing their portfolios and their wealth.”

Scot Tsang
Scot TsangHead of Operations and In-House Legal
Scot previously collaborated with SDKA in a legal capacity, later bringing his extensive expertise to our team. Leveraging his legal background, he has been instrumental in managing operational and strategic initiatives, ensuring the swift resolution of cases.

“I genuinely enjoy the human aspects of the property industry, whether it’s dealing with someone’s business or investment – nothing gets people talking and worked up as much as real estate! It’s great to be part of the emotional journey with clients and to help them fulfil their dreams and goals. With property, there is a very tangible end result. I love walking past and pointing out buildings that I’ve been involved with.”

Paul Gammond
Paul GammondPortfolio Manager
Paul collaborates closely with the team, assuming accountability for efficiently overseeing the relationships between SDKA, the brokers, and the borrowers to add value and support clients throughout their projects and beyond.

With an extensive background in the finance industry, Paul is equipped with the expertise and technical knowledge to provide unparalleled customer service, build relationships, foster trust, and exceed expectations at every touchpoint.

“In portfolio management, I leverage my interpersonal skills alongside my bridging finance knowledge to build professional relationships. I am genuinely passionate about nurturing the valuable connections I share with clients.”

Chris Edwards
Chris EdwardsHead of Underwriting
Chris leads the Underwriting team, ensuring that the team works alongside not only brokers and clients but also professionals such as surveyors and legal teams to enable a speedy completion.

Chris has a considerable career in lending which has given him a sound understanding of both the property and the credit process.

“The best thing about working in Bridging is the ability to structure a deal – coming from a Bank/Building Society one of the biggest frustrations is the ‘tick box or computer says no’ approach to lending that some of those institutions have become known for.”

Gemma Carson
Gemma CarsonUnderwriter
Gemma is a key member of the underwriting team and is responsible for overseeing cases through to completion.

Gemma has an extensive background in lending and finance, with an interest in secured commercial, development and bridging finance. Her finance career spans over 18 years and gives her an excellent grounding for fast efficient decision making required in bridging.

“I love helping others, supporting my colleagues with workloads and assisting clients to achieve their current and future goals.
I enjoy a busy pipeline of deals, learning and building my knowledge.”

Alex Swan
Alex SwanUnderwriter
Alex is a member of the Underwriting team, responsible for structuring loans and guiding them through to completion. He provides assistance throughout the application process ensuring all necessary documentation is in place. Alex joined the specialist lending sector as a graduate and has enjoyed the opportunity to apply his logical mind to decision making on a deal.

“I love the analysis and practical reasoning that is involved in specialist lending, moving away from tick box activities and applying logical thought to the decision making process. Each application involves different properties, borrowers, and circumstances”

Jon Reed
Jon ReedUnderwriter
Jon is a key member of the underwriting team, with a deep understanding of bridging, amassed over his extensive career in financial services. Jon’s knowledge and expertise stem from the various senior positions he has held. This prior experience enables him to contribute significantly to the underwriting team’s handling of a variety of complex cases.

Jon is adept at working closely with brokers, clients, surveyors, and legal teams to streamline the completion process.

“I enjoy evaluating the risk versus the opportunity and applying my underwriting knowledge to every decision. It’s the perfect blend of analytical rigor and human connection that fuels my passion for this profession.”

Sarah Cropper
Sarah CropperUnderwriter
Sarah plays a pivotal role within the underwriting team, her previous and diverse financial background spanning roles such as Portfolio Manager, Loan Operations Manager, and Regional Development Manager equips her with the necessary skills to evaluate every loan application that comes her way and provide the right solutions for the client.

Sarah’s knowledge and experience mean she can confidently evaluate cases requiring careful assessment, analysing the whole situation and enabling her to make informed decisions and offer the swift resolutions that are required in bridging.

“Every day presents a new challenge, a new opportunity, working with clients and on varied projects to find the best possible solutions.”

Louise Helsby
Louise HelsbyMarketing Manager
Louise joined the SDKA team as Marketing Manager. Her extensive background positions her as a seasoned marketing professional adept at creating compelling content and driving brand awareness through innovative strategies.

“Marketing allows me to merge creativity with strategy, creating a powerful synergy that drives results. It is not just about promoting products or services; it’s about telling a story that resonates with people, executing campaigns that leave a lasting impact.”

Nisha Mehta
Nisha MehtaDirector and Head of Marketing
Nisha is part of the senior leadership team here at SDKA. With around two decades of experience in marketing, she oversees the development of our brand and vision. Nisha collaborates closely with all departments to craft our marketing strategy, ensuring alignment with our objectives. She adeptly communicates key messages both internally and externally, driving forward our marketing initiatives with precision and impact.

“I love the diversity and opportunity to be creative in any situation.”

Sooryakanth Pillai
Sooryakanth PillaiAccounts Manager
Soorya oversees all financial matters at SDKA, drawing from extensive experience in accounting, auditing, and finance. His expertise greatly bolsters SDKA’s operations and provides invaluable support to senior management in providing client’s with timely and reliable financial solutions.

“With bridging finance growing exponentially joining SDKA is a good platform to perform my abilities and skills providing the opportunity to make a direct impact on business success”

Vicky EllisonCompliance Consultant
Vicky’s role is to ensure that we adhere to all policies and processes in our sector, keeping the business on the right side of financial regulations.

Vicky has worked with SDKA for over 5 years.

“I get satisfaction from seeing the business and the team develop and grow, and building a great reputation in the market for operating both compliantly and in the best interests of their customers.”