Kunal, our Managing Director talks about his passion to assist clients to support their business growth, and how rewarding it can be to take that leap of faith with a new client.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received? 

From a colleague in my early days of starting at the airlines as a pilot – Go for it! Never be mediocre and to be aggressive about growing and learning and take every opportunity available to develop personally and develop others around you. That alone has pushed me to try so many different things in business and personally.

What do you love most about what you do?

Most of our loans are to first time bridge finance borrower’s and for many, their first foray into property investment and development.

SDKA give everybody a fair chance, if we sense business acumen we support, we are not blinkered by a lack of experience.

It is incredibly rewarding to know that our team add value to what our clients are doing, assisting them grow their portfolios and their wealth.

The support provided by everyone at SDKA to our clients has resulted in market leading repeat business. From attending valuations to supporting them when things don’t go to plan and in a lot of cases being involved from a very early stage before they have even decided to make an offer. We’ve had clients that have borrowed from SDKA over 10 times because they know we don’t just lend but add so much value and ultimately know they can trust us.

Tell us a surprising or fun fact about you.

It’s got to be flying during my former career as an airline pilot – I’d always been told lightening doesn’t strike twice, but I can 100% confirm that is not true! At the age of 21, flying back into Manchester on a horrible winters afternoon I was flying as a very inexperienced pilot a turbo prop plane with 50 people on board and we got hit by lighting twice! The first strike took out one of the navigation systems and the second strike one of our radios! I wish I had taken photos of the holes in the fuselage, but I’m old enough to say we didn’t have phones with camera’s in those days! Lots of interesting things happened in my 16 year flying career including almost diverting to an airfield close to the North Pole, but nothing stands out more than that 15mins in the air!